Baby Reflex Workshops

Baby Reflex is suitable for babies from four weeks of age.
Why not contact me to learn these techniques to use on your babies feet :

Improved Sleep Patterns
Relief of Congestion & Snuffles
Teething Discomfort
Reflux / Colic
Stimulate / Sedate Bowels

Clear Diagrams and descriptions are provided for you to take away.

About Baby Reflex

The techniques have come together to help parents with many common baby discomforts & has proved to be very popular & successful. The Baby Reflex points are taught to parents & guardians so that they can treat their own babies. it is suitable for Babies from 4 weeks onwards

How is it taught?

Baby Reflex is taught so you can clearly identify points on your babies feet, which when worked by you, can create change in the physical body, The points taught will give you the knowledge & information to take away to help your baby with common ailments.

How are they taught?

Either on a one-to-one basis in the comfort of your own home, or you can join me at my therapy room, if you wish to learn these techniques with other Mums & Babies, that is ok with me too.  I provide clear colour charts & instructions of all the techniques shown for you to take away..

Why would parents choose Baby Reflex?

Most parents have either tried or heard of the many benefits of Reflexology.  With the modern climate of parents seeking complementary therapies, Baby Reflex offers the benefits of safe, non invasive, drug free natural therapy.

What is the difference between Baby Reflex & Baby Massage?

Baby Reflex is portable, there is no requirement to remove clothes, as it is done on the feet, in fact, it can be done anywhere, even in the queue at the Supermarket!


£30.00 for the 1.5  hour sessions.
Contact Caroline on 07960 202391

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